Monday, March 30, 2009

With Absolute Wonder

This past Saturday, I engaged with some fellow members of my big band in an attempt to bolster our collective band fund. In order to do this, we grilled sausages and sold them, drinks, and slices of cake to visitors of a textile factory that had an open house where they sold wares for a marked down price. I didn't mind spending a good portion of my Saturday this way given that my computer is broken and there is not much else to entertain me in my apartment. It was also another opportunity to socialize with my bandmates who I usually see only once a week. Our little team worked pretty well together and sold a decent of amount of sausages and enjoyed each other's company. If the weather was a little nicer, we might have had a few more customers, but that didn't get us down.

There were two things that especially struck me about this whole event. The lesser of the two is a hair style fad that seems to have struck women of the upper-middle age range which I had failed to notice until now (perhaps because I swore off Over 50 parties). The fad of which I am speaking is one in which women with completely white hair dye the front part of their hair a markedly different color such pink or deep blue. Sometimes it is just the bangs, sometimes a little more. This fad which I had not seen previously passed before my eyes, and I do not exaggerate, at least 10 times that day. Perhaps it is the mark of a dye hard (sorry) discount textile fan. When I brought it up with one of the trumpet players, he gave it the name "Old Punk" which I found amusing.

The much more striking thing occured much earlier in the day. When we were setting up the grill and our daring drink display, we all happened to look out toward the train tracks and notice a group of about five maintenance workers all dressed in neon safety outfits pushing a ladder on wheels along the track. Every single one of us stared at them and their curious wheeled ladder and they stared right back at us. Given, our band uniform which they call "Overalls", looks like a gray mechanic's jumpsuit with red sleeves and various patches from different festivals that past borrowers of the suit have sewn on. They were also probably trying to figure out what we were doing. It was just such an odd moment because I swear it lasted at least a full minute with every single one of them staring at us as the walked along the tracks with their ladder and every single one of us staring back at them.

So, after not posting for such a long time during which I have a taken many trips and experienced many things, I have decided to do a post about something so insignificant that maybe only I find interesting, but I guess that is all you should expect from this blog.

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